Sunday, 8 December 2013

Schedule for December & Finals in School

Schedule for December!

Starting December 21th I will also be doing daily VLOGS until January 7 on this channel

Where I will be for the month of December... Just to keep in sync with me. 
December 8-21: Vancouver 
December 22: Portland 
December 23: Seattle 
December 24 - January 7: Los Angeles 


The end of fall semester is here! It is final time... I am so sorry for not posting. I have been so busy with life!!! It's Christmastime and inevitably everything is just holly and jolly and 10 times more hectic!

Some quick tips for studying (advice I should take)

  • Study for short periods and give yourself a break 
  • Drink some tea or caffeine to keep yourself awake ;) 
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep so your brain can digest all that information! 
  • Re-write your notes in your own words 
  • Make sure to eat breakfast the day of your exam!!! 
Speaking from experience, doing all-nighters totally sap all the energy out of you! You are left with barely any energy to write the exam and especially if you skip breakfast! 

Don't forget to keep smiling!