Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday Thirteen: Winter Favourites!! From Fashion to Lifestyle!

Winter is the time to bring out your warm knits, sweaters and LAYERS. Here is my list of things I love especially in the winter in video and text form :) 

  1. Beauty (Face): Covergirl TruBlend Fixstick Concealer $9.97
    This season, ditch the blush completely and let your natural flush from the cold air. Instead, use the concealer stick to contour your face. This stick has a creamy consistency and blends really well into your skin. 
  2. Beauty (Eyes): Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner $26.00
    Thin Black Line was a rage back in the 60's using a skinny black line on your top eye. Stila does such an incredible job with this liner as it has a felt tip which really gives you precision and once it sets, it does not budge. Definitely a favourite of mine. 
  3. Beauty (Lips): Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fushia Flash $5.50
    Hands down, the most BEST drugstore lipstick on the market right now. I am such a lip junkie.. I collect lipsticks because they are so pretty to display. It's a bad addiction.
  4. Beauty (Nail Polish): Deborah Lipman It's Raining Men Nail Polish $20.00
    I love Deborah Lipman's nail polishes! If a designer specializes in making only one product, you know it's good. Red nails is such a classic look on your nails, it is high maintenance but it just makes your fingers and hands look so damn attractive. Just a classic creme nail, application with so much ease and very opaque colour pay off. 
  5. Fashion: Button Up Cardigans from Dynamite $44.98
    I can throw one of these bad boys INSTANTLY over any t-shirt or tank. The buttons on a cardigan is a must because it can be worn opened and then if it gets nippy, button up! This sweater that I absolutely adore has the grey texture that I fall in love with time and time again. 
  6. Fashion: Beanie from eBay $3.20
    Keeps your warm head! The most important part of your body. To keep it fashionable and chic is a whole new level. I found this really cute beanie on eBay for less than $4!! That is cray. 
  7. Candles: Red Velvet Cupcake from Bath and Body Works $10.00
    Prepare for your room to smell like a cupcake shop. This legitimately smells like the cupcake, if you know what it tastes like this is the exact smell. Everytime it is lit, it makes me feel like I ate the cupcake then I won't have to go out and buy one. :)
  8. Fitness: Hot Yoga Price Varies
    Try it out this season. There are so many different varieties and the one I absolutely adore is Moksha. It is cold outside.. if ya didn't know.. and the best feeling is entering a warm room after being hit with a gust of cold air. After you feel SO refreshed and ready to go on with your day. I usually pick up hot yoga in the winter and ditch it in the warmer months because you got to enjoy what God gave you! 
  9. Food: Dim Sum
    Need I say more? 
  10. Snack: Angie's Boom Chica Pop Popcorn $3.99
    Where do I start with this... this popcorn is all naturale!! With only 35 calories a cup, the thirst is REAL. This is gluten free, tastes super light and just enough salt and oil to make you eat literally the WHOLE bag. It is embarrassing to tell you how many I ate on vacation. You know how you scan the ingredient list, I was taken aback to see that there is only 3 including: popcorn, sunflower oil and sea salt. 
  11. Dessert: YOGURTLAND $0.30 - $0.50 per ounce
    This may only be in America... but I had the pleasure of trying it while I was in LA. You can be part of the club with me. We can be friends and bond over how this guilty pleasure is so YUMMY yet still kind of healthy for you! This is yogurt so it contains less calories, and a LOT healthier than ice cream and the toppings is an array of fruits and desserts. Each flavour is approximately 20-35 calories per ounce.  Swirl safely! 
  12. Tea: David's Tea Alphine Punch $7.50 per 50 grams
    Prepare your tastebuds for an explosion of apples and almonds!! This is a seasonal winter tea that should be a permanent tea in their collection. It smells so warm and when it hits your tongue it just warms the whole body. You can really taste the Almond in the tea, the fruity combination balances the whole tea and embodies winter in a cup or mug... pick your thingy to put the tea in ;)
  13. Song: The First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow

I've been kicking it back old school and this song just reminds me of the good ol' days. It makes me feel all tingly and cozy. It is also SO easy to sing to which is the songs I love to listen. I'm a country girl at heart.

I'm sneaking in one more song cause I want you to try it as well!
If I Didn't Have You - Thompson Square

I put so much effort into thinking about all my favourites! Let me know what your favourites are and if you try any of mine!

P.S. Song Featured in my Video: 100 Years - Five For Fighting

Keep Smiling!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fashion Haul: Artizia, Joe Fresh, Dynamite, F21

The shopping is a habit. A habit I'm not willing to make any resolutions for. 

Here is a video of everything I got:

Quick rundown of where I went and roughly how much everything cost!

Joe Fresh:


  • White Blazer $12 - On Clearance so S

  • Oversized Sweater with Zipper in the Back $44.90 - SOLD OUT :( 

Forever 21:
I got way too many things here, mostly on sale so I am not going to bother linking it. But watch the video if you want to see more!

 Retro Spotted Sweater $8

  • Cheetah Button Up Shirt $6

  • Studded Arm Charcol Grey Secret Rebel Cardigan $13

  • Nautical Waffle Black and White Striped Cardigan $11

  • Navy Blue Cardigan $8
  • Aztec Cardigan $12
  • Cheetah Print With studs on the shoulder $9

  • Black and White Striped Sweater $11

  • Everyday Striped Sweater $9

  • Basic Cami Tank Tops $1.80 x5

  • Breaking Rules Maxi Dress $12

  • Cheetah Jean Jacket $20
  • Shredded Glam Punk Muscle Tee $8

  • Red Backless Dress $20
Aritzia: $99
Joe Fresh: $76
Dynamite: $101.80
Forever 21: $154.20
Pre-Tax: $431
Tax (12%): $482.72


Keep Smiling. I know I will when I wear my clothes ;) 

Love Always!! 


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday Thirteen: Top 13 E.L.F. Products

I absolutely love E.L.F. Products. All the items I have listed is under $6!!! If you check back frequently you can get some really good discounts on your purchase as well! Up to 50% off! You can find them online on their website and in Target!

If you want to watch my video review its here!!

My favourite Items: 

1. ELF Tinted Moisturizer $3
This is lightweight and perfect for those days where you need to even out your complexion and let your skin breathe. Try it out, whats the harm?

2. ELF High Definition Powder $6
This powder is BOMB. It is finely milled powder that can be used to set your make up with! I usually take a brush and set my under eye concealer with this so it won't budge!
3. ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer $3
The concealer is very versatile and is perfect for people who are self tanners or those where skin colors change often. It has a creamy texture that can also be used to cover up those redness or pimples.
4. ELF Brow Kit in Medium $3
MY HOLY GRAIL!! I use this on the regular. I swear by it! It makes my eyebrows look natural, fills it in and just looks fresh to death! Wax side I use to outline my eyebrows and shape it and later I go in with the powder to fill it in.

5. ELF Eyelid Primer $1
Cheapness comes closer to you in a tube. Primer works like a charm! Gets the job done by creating a clear canvas for you to put the eyeshadow onto. It holds onto the vibrant colours and makes it last longer. Put the extra effort in for the eyeshadow to stay longer and not crease! 

6. ELF Baked Blush in Pinktastic $1
I use this as a highligher and blush.. so soft and delicate to the touch. A must have staple in your make up collection
7. ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral $3
This is just one of the greatest blushes. The line offers such an array of colours but the candid coral is by far one of my faves. Perfect for the summer time and just blends with ease into the skin.
8. ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream $3
Cream is meant to be rubbed into your skin. THEREFORE, this compact duo is amaze balls. You are literally rubbing this cream onto your face and it looks like your face was always like that... since the first day you popped out of your mom's tummy.
9. ELF Makeup Mist & Set $3
You worked so hard to put your face on and make it all pretty... so don't forget to spray it to lock your make up into place!

10. ELF Studio Small Stippling Brush $3
I use this literally everyday! It can be used to blend in foundation, liquid substances, creams etc! Such a cheap brush and does the trick.

11. ELF Powder Brush $3
This is a very dense brush. Its really good for blending out everything and powdering your face in general! Also another staple and the price point is just dirt cheap.
12. ELF Lip Stain in Crimson Crush $2
This leaves such a beautiful stain on your lip. Add some gloss and its just a deep cherry lip that is bold and draws all the eyes to your face... Not that you needed any more help ;)
13. ELF Lip Stain and Gloss in Red Carpet $3
Red Carpet reminds me of glamour and red velvet cupcakes. That is why I wanted to try it out.. Boy what a good idea!!! SO pigmented and doesn't sink into the fine lines. It also wears for a good 5-6 hours without touch ups and looks decent!

Let me know what your thoughts are on these products and if you have any new ones you wanted to recommend!

LOVE always!!! Keep Smiling =)


Monday, 13 January 2014

First Week in Photos Jan 1 - Jan 7

There are no photos from New Years Eve because it was a nice chill in sweats, prepare for the storm on New Years kind of evening.

January 1: NEW YEARS DAY

Took a hike with the family :) Preparing for a huge feast! 
We had Turkey Burgers after. OH MY GOD. Died and came back to heaven 
Went to my first LA Clippers Game! We kicked the bobcats butts!! It was my first basketball game since the Vancouver Grizzlies... ;) back when I was 8 years old. 

January 2: The Grove & The Farmers Market 
My friend didn't have a chance to go to the Grove and I was like you have to go see it! I didn't get a chance to check out the farmers market last time.. so that's what we were doing today! 
 January 3: Hollywood 

I was never really big on tourist attractions. I'm more into looking at the culture of the city but I still loved looking at the hollywood walk of stars as well as all the really cool celebrity museums! 

January 4: Universal Studios & Saddle Ranch

Universal Studios is up on a hill. It reminds me of my school which is up on a mountain. It is quite the trek!! But totally worth it :) We ended the night at Saddle Ranch where there is a mechanical bull. I totally recommend it, because it was an open space and outdoors as well as FREE Cover. Because hollywood is all expensive and such... The guy was the bartender who gave us our first drink which is called Adios Mother F**ker... And trust me it did us IN. One drink later and the night was a hot blur. All I know is that there is 4 liquors in there! Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin. No way in, and no way out.

January 5: Back to the Alley
This place was in the heart of Downtown LA. It was one of the neatest places ever. Note to self and people out there. Not all downtowns can be assumed to be "safe." That is ALL.
January 6: Shopping day in Culver City
If the shoe fits..... well theres many ways to go abouts ending that statement. What can I say.. I LOVE shopping. We probably hit the malls more than once while we were there.. 
January 7: Flying Back Home! 
I FINALLY FOUND MY LONG LOST LOVE. the 5.99 hi-fashion store. Let's just say.... The deals are wicked there :) I always walk out buying something. 

These are all my Americano cards I collected while I was there. Yes, I took transit EVERYWHERE. LA is in a trap. They are surrounded by roads and highways. If you have a car the city is extremely liveable and the gaps between spaces and time is nothing. No car however it is almost impossible for globalization to happen. What usually takes a 6 minute drive takes 1 hour and 39 minutes via public transportation!!! That is unacceptable! Get it together LA...

Much Love & Keep Smiling, 

Mel :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Last Week of the Year: Dec 23 - 30

Hey Y'all!!

This is my Week in Photos!! Got Lots of catching up to do!! From Dec 23-Dec 30

December 23: From Portland to Seattle :)
We explored the area, shopped this is the view from Grand Hyatt Seattle

December 25: Christmas Dinner party where I reunited with all my family in LA

This Photo is the setup of the dinner for christmas!!!! SOOO Pretty :) 
We had to dress up all classy and elegant... so this is what I could pull off last minute. Dress is from BCBG and Heels is from Michael Kors 

December 26: American Boxing Day
Third Street Promenade <3 This is now the modern day downtown Santa Monica. If I was to move to LA I would find an apartment in this city. Just perfect everything! Steps away from shopping, beach and the highway to go anywhere your heart desires
 This is the sunset on the Terrace of Santa Monica :)

December 27: Century City 
You guessed it... another Hyatt! I work here so I like to visit all of them and compare and contrast! 
Had to go relax and tan by the pool yanno... It was calling my name 
Pre-Party for my friend who is leaving to Italy!! This is a group shot of all of us :) Great company!
Huntley's! We were at the penthouse and overlooking everythang. 
One more shot from Huntley's I PROMISE. We had a professional photographer take our photos allllll night!
Ended staying up all night cuddling next to this monster fire ;) We talked to the wee hours of the night and stayed up till around 6 AM... No big deal.

December 28: Uhhh...
Well I was sleeping all day... But I got hangover food! 
I went out.. but I dont have pictures... Just assume I had a good time :P 

December 29: Beverly Hills
Rodeo Drive, where all the action HAPPENS. Beverly hills. Just thought I would class it up with my flippy floppies ;) You can't see my mani/pedi but I got one!! 

December 30: LACMA and The Grove 

LA Museum of Art! Dat ass thou! He does squats 

Finally got to see all the infamous lights 

The Grove is beautiful!! Ahh love it. The place was all lit up and sparkly! Full of so much pizazz!

That's my life in a week! Let me know which places you love checking out in LA!

Love Always!
Keep Smiling