Monday, 13 January 2014

First Week in Photos Jan 1 - Jan 7

There are no photos from New Years Eve because it was a nice chill in sweats, prepare for the storm on New Years kind of evening.

January 1: NEW YEARS DAY

Took a hike with the family :) Preparing for a huge feast! 
We had Turkey Burgers after. OH MY GOD. Died and came back to heaven 
Went to my first LA Clippers Game! We kicked the bobcats butts!! It was my first basketball game since the Vancouver Grizzlies... ;) back when I was 8 years old. 

January 2: The Grove & The Farmers Market 
My friend didn't have a chance to go to the Grove and I was like you have to go see it! I didn't get a chance to check out the farmers market last time.. so that's what we were doing today! 
 January 3: Hollywood 

I was never really big on tourist attractions. I'm more into looking at the culture of the city but I still loved looking at the hollywood walk of stars as well as all the really cool celebrity museums! 

January 4: Universal Studios & Saddle Ranch

Universal Studios is up on a hill. It reminds me of my school which is up on a mountain. It is quite the trek!! But totally worth it :) We ended the night at Saddle Ranch where there is a mechanical bull. I totally recommend it, because it was an open space and outdoors as well as FREE Cover. Because hollywood is all expensive and such... The guy was the bartender who gave us our first drink which is called Adios Mother F**ker... And trust me it did us IN. One drink later and the night was a hot blur. All I know is that there is 4 liquors in there! Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin. No way in, and no way out.

January 5: Back to the Alley
This place was in the heart of Downtown LA. It was one of the neatest places ever. Note to self and people out there. Not all downtowns can be assumed to be "safe." That is ALL.
January 6: Shopping day in Culver City
If the shoe fits..... well theres many ways to go abouts ending that statement. What can I say.. I LOVE shopping. We probably hit the malls more than once while we were there.. 
January 7: Flying Back Home! 
I FINALLY FOUND MY LONG LOST LOVE. the 5.99 hi-fashion store. Let's just say.... The deals are wicked there :) I always walk out buying something. 

These are all my Americano cards I collected while I was there. Yes, I took transit EVERYWHERE. LA is in a trap. They are surrounded by roads and highways. If you have a car the city is extremely liveable and the gaps between spaces and time is nothing. No car however it is almost impossible for globalization to happen. What usually takes a 6 minute drive takes 1 hour and 39 minutes via public transportation!!! That is unacceptable! Get it together LA...

Much Love & Keep Smiling, 

Mel :)