Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturation Saturdays! How to save Money During the Holidays.

I think I may have had too much caffeine coming up with that title name.. Definition of Saturation as always in the English world has so many different meanings. In this case I am using colour saturation... Which is the intensity and precision of a colour.... which led me to think of how Saturation is all about the details! SO.. I come to you with advice pieces and other such that I feel fits in this segment.... Random? Tell me about it.

SO Recently, a friend and I have been planning a trip to LA cause I feel like it is my go to, second home and place to be. The people are so friendly down there and its of course bigger than Vancouver. You always go up! ON POINT, we have been trying to save money more. SO I enlisted my girlfriends to have a house rotation of cooks.. Let me explain. In the fall time it is incredibly cold and rainy here. Just the other day we hit -4 C and that's about 25 F, the last thing I want to do is leave my cozy warm house to do ANYTHING.

So I proposed to my girlfriends that each weekend/week we would go to each other's houses and we would all take turns cooking an appetizer, entree and dessert. Then while the night was young we could still go out and shop, hit a club, go to a bar or stay in and bake, watch movies, play games etc.

We were easily spending over $100 a night altogether going out to dine! Drinking alcoholic beverages alone take up more than half our tab. Remember restaurants mark up their alcohol and sell this to you because it is easier to persuade you for another drink thank more food.

By cooking our own meals, we know what we put into it, which in the long run is healthier and we saved money! By gathering a group of your girlfriends it is way easier and less peer pressure to spend more and you can save it towards trips or presents.

This was a salad and entree my girlfriend made for us!

Keep Smiling!!! =)


P.S. It challenges you to try new recipes!
P.S.S. You can also make it a competition if you want! Have a prize at the end... That usually motivates me ;)
This is the raspberry chocolate chip muffin that we made the rainy day we stayed in....